Update on this year’s Symposium!

Symposium Update:

  • We have almost 300 registrants coming – can’t wait to meet you all
  • Confirmations will be coming out in the next couple of weeks

Quilt Show Update:

  • Deadline for entries – April 18th
  • In order to enter a quilt in the show you need to pay for registration and one class OR one lecture

Deadline for Extras:  April 18th (includes all of the following)

  • Boarding Students
  • Lunches and Dinners
  • Pins
  • Art Postcard Party
  • Tote Bag – Actually it is a Fat Quarter Bag (This is a navy bag, approx 18″ x 10″ x 6.5″, with removable dividers and the Symposium Logo on the plastic zip cover).
  • 2017 Brochure
  • T-Shirts

Classes and Lectures Update:

  • We are 71 percent filled on Classes
  • Lectures do not have a maximum number
  • You can sign up for Lectures and Classes up until the beginning of the Class/Lecture

If you would like to add something to your registration, just print out another registration form, include your name and the word “Additional” and send it to the address below and we will be glad to update your registration.

NCQS ’16
4700 Cedarfield Drive
Raleigh, NC  27606


Classes filling!

Good morning!

Classes at this year’s NC Quilt Symposium are filling fast!  Have you sent in your registration?  If not, you’ll want to send it as soon as you can to have your best chance at the classes you are most interested in.

All the information you need can be found at Capital Quilters website:  http://capitalquilters.org/

Hope to see you in June!

Today is the day!!!

The day so many of us have been waiting for!!!!   Have you made your final decisions????


Registration will be online today! Be on the lookout!  Click here to go to the website!

Please be aware of the posting date for registration; do NOT put your registration in the mail prior to the posting date published by the guild.  As soon as I know what that date is, I’ll remind you.   Posting early does not get you to the first of the line – it actually puts you at the end of the line!  :-(


Are you ready to choose?

Decisions…. decisions…..   Are you ready to make yours????

Over the past few months, we’ve introduced you to all the teachers who will be teaching at this year’s North Carolina Quilt Symposium.   We do this so you have the opportunity to read about the teachers and see the kinds of quilting they do and teach so when the registration is published, you are ready to make your final decisions about the classes you want to take.

Registration brochures will be posted online on January 4th.  Be sure to watch for it so you can be sure to get your registration in early and have the best chance at getting into the classes you really want!



mary zesiger


Introducing Mary Zesiger:

Mary has been quilting seriously since 1980. She has been a member of the National Quilting Association since 1987, became an NQA Certified Teacher in 1991 and served as the NQA Certified Teacher Coordinator for 2 years.  She began judging in 1996, judging local and regional quilt shows; completed NQA Judging Certification in 2006 and Masters Judging Certification in 2009.

She enjoys the challenge of competing in quilting on a local, regional, national and international level.  Her work has traveled the country with the Hoffman Challenge, been exhibited in many quilt shows and seen inQuilters Newsletter Magazine, Quilting Today and NQA Quilting Quarterly.  She prides herself on attention to detail and in addition to winning first place ribbons has won an award for best workmanship and the obsessive-compulsive prize.

She teaches, judges and lectures regularly for quilt shops and guilds. Her lectures, classes and workshops reflect this professional edge.


Jamie Wallen


Introducing Jamie Wallen:

After a longarm purchase in the late nineties, Jaime began to develop his own unique style of quilting. He teaches his signature workshops and classes, Mystical Quilting series and Threadfusion.  Jamie enjoys sharing his knowledge of quilting and his YouTube channel has become a hit. He continues to teach nationally and internationally. Home base for Jaime is  quilters apothecary in Michigan City Indiana, where he is pursuing his art, filming instructional video, hand dyeing, quilting and teaching  workshops. In 2013 Jamie was the recipient of the 2012 Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year.

Molly Waddell


Introducing molly waddell:

Molly became an avid quilter when she won a quilt that was raffled off by a local quilt guild.  She joined the guild and over the years took on various guild responsibilities including co-chair for two separate terms and newsletter editor.  After taking many classes, both locally and nationally, she began teaching at shows, at local quilt shops and at guilds.  Molly also continues to take classes to learn new techniques and to improve her skills.

Upon retirement as an administrative dietitian, Molly began to take her quilting more seriously.  Molly has won numerous awards for her quilts both on the local and national levels. Some of her work has been published in The Quilting Quarterly, The 2007 & 2011 Quilt Art Calendar, Quilters Newsletter Magazine, Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Magazine, America Quilter Magazine and “Color Play, Second Edition”, by Joen Wolfrom published in 2014.

Her “Harbor Lighthouse” quilt was featured on the cover of the National Quilting Association’s (Winter  December 2010) Quilting Quarterly Magazine.    In 2002 and 2004 she was the co-chair for the biennial quilt show sponsored by the Quilters Consortium of New York State, Inc.  As a quilt judge’s aide, Molly decided to embark on furthering her knowledge in quilting.  After two and half years of intense study she became a National Quilting Association Certified Judge.  She is also qualified to judge Master Quilts.